Earthrise EP

by innerspace

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released September 5, 2014



all rights reserved



We are an alternative/rock/progressive band from Denver, CO.

Elevator music but in like a super dope elevator.

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Track Name: Colors
The sky grows dark above you, the thunder bellows out your name.
The storm is coming for you with violent wind and frozen rain.
Low in the autumn light, the dusk reveals a harvest moon
but even on winter nights, I will never abandon you.

And if you fall astray, if you lose your faith or run away,
when your heart is jade, you will have me. I won't give up on you.

The ocean writhes beneath you, the rising swells engulf the decks.
A thousand eyes that seek you lie waiting in the freezing depths.
Are we running out of time or are we simply running for our lives, imagining another place in time and following a distant sign
that we've convinced ourselves is real?

Spires of vermillion light puncture the sepia sky, lifting a coral-white from the slate. Windows of deep cyan, framed in viridian, gush curtains of iridescent violet rain and every ray refracts through the pearls in the sky and the tears in your eyes until the colors divide in shades you can't describe.

From where we first began, over the baddest lands and quickest sands,
to the bitter end,
Wherever you will go, whether it leads us home or kills us both,
at least you will know you’re not alone. I can’t give up on you.
Track Name: Shadows
I pace with my heart pounding through these memories, trying to synchronize with yours and pray that someday silver waves will wash away the copper wiring of my core.
If we can’t reforge the golden days, then let’s melt the past away
and build with clay

Lying on the floor and I’m waiting for a dream to slip under the door and chase these shadows from my sheets. All these sleepless nights I spent searching for something to open up my eyes and find her right beside me.

These shapes are slowly curving in above my head and I hear breathing in the dark, so I lie awake as the windows shake and warp what lightning bolts illuminate
but we can melt the past away, trade it for its weight

I’m waiting for the day to melt away the dark and kiln this house of clay.
The fire will make us stronger.
Track Name: Aquanaut
I can breathe underwater
and it shatters my world every time I descend,
just to drown in the power of a blue universe, the liquid space within
you and me and every living thing. Can you taste it in your tears?
The surf roars high above and I feel like I’m coming home.

So try to imagine a place where color and light simply whither away,
but beauty abounded before eyes could see
and may it forever where no man can reach.

I can be an explorer.
They left out most of the world when they drew up the maps.
There are realms to discover, infinitely intricate and inexplicably vast.
Can’t you see that we are all one dream floating on a sea of tears?
The light rains from above and I feel like I’m coming home.
Track Name: Reanimate
She drifts like a magnet, tracing back the field lines.
She soars on a current, traveling ten thousand miles
to walk upon the shore tonight, beneath a perfect mirror in the sky,
where sun and stars and glowing tide converge in silver light.

Like empty seashells tossed among the waves,
our carbon vessels will reintegrate
and reanimate.

She lands like a warship, hundreds of soldiers inside.
She counts on the miracle that even one of them survives
and after she has buried them,
laid down her head and drawn her final breaths,
she returns into the sand to be scattered to the surf again.
Track Name: Phi
Philosophy is written in that great book which is ever before our eyes- the Universe. But we cannot understand it if we do not first learn the language and grasp the symbols in which it is written. The book is written in mathematical language and the symbols are triangles, circles, and other geometrical figures, without whose help it is impossible to comprehend a single word.
-Galileo Galilei-
Track Name: Freefall
Who am I when this human shell subsides? Should I be afraid to die or stay alive?
If we could take this draft we ride to the edge of space and time, would we even realize?

Why can’t you see past the fear that it’s all pretend?
I’ve been molding and folding, holding your trembling hand.
We’re floating higher and higher into the air, so let’s take this chance and step off the edge.

And just who are you after you pass through,
stretch out your wings, leave your cocoon behind?
Fly away in the night and I will find you. I could find you every time.

Why can’t you see past the lines we drew in the sand?
I’ve been learning and yearning, burning to understand.
We’re floating higher and higher into the air, so let’s count from ten and step off the edge.

You cry “Save me, love. I can hardly breathe.”
But I can’t rescue you- the look on your face tells me your heart is beating.
Tell me your heart is beating.
Tell me my heart is beating.
Track Name: Earthrise
The contours of these bodies faint against the black,
the only bearing that I have to lead me back is
a breathing star, the shadows cast by all her transits.
I’ll map the dots, the choreography, the dance of the planets.

Suddenly I feel her pull and I can’t fight it
as I spiral inward through a cloud of comets,
I just close my eyes. The music of the spheres begins to fill the vacuum
and I start to lose my breath as I reach out for you. My strength is fading.

There’s a shield around the world, it protects us from the rays that come hailing from the sun and when it glows, we call it day and I take watching shooting stars over all the wonders that I’ve seen because that invisible shield is the only thing that we can breathe.
So breathe while you can. It’s out of your hands.

The brief eternity spanning between each world grows ever shorter now,
as I fall deeper down across the universe.
And under Jupiter, a spinning asteroid gate to realms of solid rock and liquid water drops, the kind that fill my veins.

Falling away, back to the only home that I’ve ever known.
Into the day, how can I be the same, knowing what I know?
Magnetic eyes that burn like quasars bore into mine like pulsing lasers
and I’m free. I finally see the earthrise.

Shockwaves ripple through my bones. I may never make it through,
but something that I can’t control keeps me falling in toward you.
Gradually, these black skies fade into blue.
I can almost reach out and touch you.
Will you catch me when I come burning through the air we breathe?

There’s a shield around the world, it transmits the brightest rays raining from our little sun to stir up the wind and waves and I dream of shooting stars because maybe not so coincidentally, that thin, ephemeral blue shield is the only thing in the universe that we can breathe.